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The cold and hot compress gel sleeve,also known as the ice sleeve,is a newly developed product,which differs from the conventional
cold and hot compress pack in that the gel inside does not flow.Belongs to a wearable product,the surface of the use of soft
cloth,it has more comfortable contact and more convenient to use,high stability and so on.
It mainly belongs to the medical rehabilitation treatment articles,which can effectively assist the rehabilitation treatment of
injury by virtue of their physical properties of keeping cold or holding heat.It can relax your muscles,and it is essential to
your family medicine kit.

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The Compression ICE Sleeve is GREAT for cold therapy, but the hot therapy treatments are just as effective.
Hot Therapy: To help prevent or alleviate muscle stiffness post-workout or after any physical activity, heat up your compression
sleeve in the microwave in 10 second increments and apply to the desired area. The heat will help loosen up your muscles and allow
for easier mobility. Be sure to remove the sleeve from the plastic bag, before putting it in the microwave.
Cold Therapy: When dealing with injuries like inflammation or tendinitis, freeze your sleeve and apply to your affected area for
10-15 minutes at a time.For optimum use, place your sleeve in a ziplock bag and into the freeze for at least 2 and a half hours
(or longer). Then apply it to your desired area.
Store the gel sleeve  in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

We have different  size for fit every part of body such as  wrist ,  arm , ankle , calf and leg . You will must find one type to fit you well .

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