• Hemorrhoid ice pack

    Hemorrhoid ice pack

    Reusable hemorrhoid perineal postpartum ice treatment pain relief hot and cold gel ice pack with soft sleeves

    Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies

    Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China

    Brand Name:HY ,or OEM your own brand



    Color:can custom ,Popular light blue and navy in stock

    Feature:Plush back cover fabric

  • hot and cold gel pack

    hot and cold gel pack

    Cold can slow down blood flow , cold therapy slows circulation , reducing inflammation,muscle spasm and pain.

    Follow the RICE system after injury:

    Rest: Take rest and avoid using the injured area.

    Ice: Ice the injured area as soon as possible ,this helps reduce inflammation,bleeding and bruising right away.

    Compress:Wrap with a bandage, often keep an elastic bandage in the first aid kits .

    Elevate: Keep the injury above your heart to decrease swelling.