• Kids ice pack

    Kids ice pack

    One side is covered with ultra-soft, plush material

    Slip hand under elastic strap on “plush” side to hold in place

    Gel bead delivers warm massage and cold therapy without any mess

    Simply microwave for warm therapy or freeze for cold therapy

    FDA, and TRA (Toxicological Risk Assessment).

  • Kids ice pack

    Kids ice pack

    Children ice pack for injuries and daily pain relief

    Size : diameter  10CM

    weight:  65G

    Material : PVC+ soft fabric

    Color:  pantone cone

    MOQ:  3000 PCS

    Logo: 3-4 colors printed all available

    Printing design can be designed .

    Packing: opp packing

  • Breast Ice Pack

    Breast Ice Pack

    3 in 1 Nursing breast feeding match pump hot cold therapy  gel bead breast ice pack

    Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China

    Type:Hot & Cold Packs, Skin Care Beauty Product

    Material:PVC + Gel Beads +Soft plush fabric sleeve

    Color:Custom Colors ,pink ,green ,tiffany blue ,purple

    MOQ:500 units

    Size:17cm diameter

    Weight :125-145g

  • Postpartum Ice Pack

    Postpartum Ice Pack

    Perineal Hemorrhoid Pain Relief Gel Packs

    29.5*7.5cm ,220g ,washable soft sleeves with reusable gel bead packs ,best for after birth pain relief

    Cold therapy reduces swelling and itching, providing instant relief. This promotes healing from childbirth, vaginal tearing and stitches, surgery, hemorrhoids, bleeding, yeast infections, trauma from waxing, laser hair removal, or sports injury, among others.

    Our factory can custom the set for you , for example 2Xgel bead packs and 3X sleeves, or you can bundle 1X gel packs with 2X sleeves ,just for comfortable and consistent use.